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Our Ocean 2017: Our Ocean, an Ocean for Life

Oceans cover 71% of our planet. We all rely on them: for our water, our food, our climate, our air. Nearly half of the World's population depends directly on the sea for their livelihoods. But human activity has left the oceans suffering. From pollution, over exploitation, coastal degradation and climate change. A new vision is needed. A different path must be chosen. Since 2014, the Our Ocean conferences have inv

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A Plastic Ocean

During our programme on the 1st April, Animal Diaries hosted Edward Sultana from "No Plastics Malta".  Edward explained that this project started off a few months ago when he started noticing all the litter that people left behind on beaches and in the countryside. Litter seems to be something we all have come to accept, as if this waste will eventually evaporate and vanish out of site and harm.  Nothing could b

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