Plastic pollution has become a very serious problem, especially throughout these last 50 years. Considering how durable and long-lasting plastics are, there has been an accelerating accumulation of plastic waste within our environment. The effects of plastic are immensely detrimental to our environment. As mentioned previously, plastics are particularly difficult to get rid of because of how long they take to decompose. Unfortunately, the mainstream methods of plastic disposal which are being used today have very harmful side factors. If plastic waste is burnt up, this will release harmful compounds into the atmosphere, giving rise to air pollution. Plastics which are thrown into landfills lead to soil and groundwater contamination. And lastly, plastic waste which is thrown into the ocean can kill marine life as well as some birds and also give the sea an overall unattractive appearance.

Malta is no exception to this alarming issue, in fact, plastic pollution in Malta has doubled just within the span of a year. After going to the beach, numerous people leave their rubbish behind, littering the beaches with plastic. As a result, plastic is blown into the sea by the wind, polluting the sea and endangering marine life in the process.

There are many ways in which plastic pollution can be minimized amongst the public. For starters, recycling and reusing plastic instead of using single-use plastics can drastically reduce plastic waste. Initiatives and gatherings consisting of volunteers that clean up beaches or any public spaces from litter also help reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans. Some foreign governments have actually implemented plastic waste to be used in the manufacturing of roads, which is a really beneficial way of reducing plastic pollution. Other private groups have even proposed to convert plastic waste into small homes to be given to homeless people in poor countries.

The plastic pollution issue which we currently face can be overcome if we were to work together as a society to be more caring towards our environment. Start now to help pave the path for a better world! Here are some amazing petitions and foundations which need more of your help,