Useful Information

Animal Diaries is as much of a live television program as it is a way of life

In the past ten years Animal Diaries has established itself as the leading television program in Malta in its field.  The program has very much become a source of information and education about a vast number of matters pertaining to responsible animal care and welfare.

The programme brings to its audience  a wide range of animal welfare issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Through Animal Diaries we investigate issues that negatively affect the welfare of animals while also uncovering inspirational stories that serve as a source of encouragement to all those that love animals.  The program also enables a connection through guest interviews with those working to make our world a better place for humans and animals, including community-run animal rescue groups, and everyday issues affecting our local animal communities.

Animal Diaries works on a pre prepared and well researched schedule to maintain a high level of interest amongst its followers.  Features in past episodes have included dramatic rescues, inspirational rehabilitations and heart-warming rehomings, whilst showcasing the heroic efforts of people helping animals and animals helping people. The programme has also explored the bond between humans and animals as well as the beneficial and dynamic relationship of people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both. Whether you’re interested in animal rescue, veterinary medicine, wild life, or just enjoy learning about animals, Animal Diaries is a show for all the family.

The new schedule will once again include live-studio debates with various personalities connected to the animal world, animal lovers, carers, vets and NGOs. The new season presents new challenges for the Animal Diaries team and will include topical discussions on events that are effecting the local animal community including conditions of working and farm animals, animal abuse, animal neglect, animal behaviour and more.

The Animal Diaries mission is to improve the life of all animals and we will continue to work very hard to do this on a daily basis. Understanding animals’ needs and enjoying their calm and happy nature helps us and them lead a healthier lifestyle. We aim to create a kinder, better world for animals, and learn how animals suffer in the food, animal experimentation, entertainment, clothing and pet-trade industries.

Each of us has the power to save animals from horrific suffering and ensure that they lead an enjoyable and dignified life. And, in all honesty,  it’s easier than one might think.

Our aim is to educate people about the health and welfare of animals.  Let’s make this world a better place for our fellow creatures.

Report Animal Abuse

Call 1717, an easy telephone number for animal welfare in Malta. The Animal Welfare Department found in Ghammieri, ensures that the animal rights are respected and that the laws concerning the way animals are treated are abided to. This service is active 24 hours, seven days a week.

Tel: (+356) 17 17

Animal Welfare

If you come across an injured animal that needs emergency treatment, please call the Animal Welfare department on 1717 or 79969918.

Tel: (+356) 17 17 / (+356) 79 96 99 18

Pet friendly venues

Having a dog is a little bit like having a child in the sense that whenever you decide to leave the house you have to account for man’s best friend.

Of course, if you can bring your buddy along when you venture out, well then all the better.

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Horses Emergency Number

Emergency procedures for horses follow the same general principles as those for small animals. However, there are special considerations for horses and they have a dedicated number to call on.  For immediate professional advice on how best to deal with your emergency you can call on number 79501501.

Tel: (+356) 79 50 15 01

Malta Veterinary Association

The Malta Veterinary Association is a non-profit body that co-ordinates the small animal 24-hour emergency service. The general public can contact the veterinarian on call at any time from one premium number: 5250 2000.  Cost per call is EUR 5,00.  Pet owners are able to have their pet seen to in the case of an emergency even when their vet’s clinic is closed.

Tel: (+356) 52 50 20 00

Nature Trust (Malta)

Nature Trust is a non profit non-governmental environment organisation working in the Maltese Islands and a Partner of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Over the years, Nature Trust have worked hard to get legal protection for various plants and animals in Malta, helping to save them from extinction. Nature Trust strongly believes that education is the best tool to create awareness and knowledge about conservation of our nature.

Tel:  (+356) 99 99 95 05

International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue (Malta) has been set up to rescue, give aid and assistance to animals in need both living in the wild or domesticated. In addition, they raise awareness amongst the public and the authorities of the many ways the animals are being exploited, in order to help stamp out cruelty to animals and to promote animal rights both in Malta and abroad.

Tel. (+356) 99 47 12 12

Animal Hospital in Malta

San Frangisk Animal Hospital and Welfare Centre in Ta’ Qali is a Veterinary Clinic equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. It is run by a team of highly qualified and dedicated vets, guaranteeing leadership in the field of veterinary medical care in Malta.

Tel. (+356)  2247 0200

Removal of dead animals

Dead animals cannot be put into residential trash containers in Malta. To find out about dead animal removal you need to contact your Local Council. Removal of dead animals from public places in Malta (including roads, parks and shopping areas) that do not fall under the responsibility of a Local Council should be reported to the police.

Happy Paws Organisation

Happy Paws Charity Organisation strives to be a service to the STRAY animal community in Malta and to the people who care for them, by providing Free neutering for those caretakers who have joined their Team, in their own Veterinary Clinic, promoting stray dog/cat adoption schemes and various other programs. Happy Paws is a registered and recognised non-profit NGO (VO 0119).

Tel:  (+356) 21 22 71 27 / (+356) 79 22 71 27