Last week, Animal Diaries hosted Kelly and Ursula, two young girls from JA-YE (Junior Achievement Young Enterprise).  Kelly and Ursula represent Charge,  a social enterprise company setup to sell their novelty product in order to raise money for the environment and animal welfare.

As a collective, Charge set out to identify a solution to the problem that many of us face on a daily basis, the breaking of cables and connectors within our phone charging wires.  Working closely with a Greek 3D printing company, Charge created a product called Cable-Aid,  a small attachment that encases wires where they are most likely to break.

Since the main objective of the project was to help the environment, the team came up with a great solution whereby the casing has been printed using PLA, a biodegradable plastic gadget made out of potatoes.  Kelly goes on to explain “We also wanted to help out in some way, and so have found a matter that is very current and dear to our hearts; the environment.  We decided it would be best to collaborate with “Tree4u” a group who organise planting of trees and activities to promote the green movement.  Part of our profits will go to planting trees on our Maltese Islands. ”

Charge is very excited to share this product with the public at the JA-YE trade fair and other social events and would like to thank everyone who has supported them in this great adventure. For more details about the product check out their facebook page.