Animal Diaries has been the leading television programme in Malta raising awareness in responsible animal care for the past ten years. Hosted and produced by Moira Delia, a well known animal welfare activist, the programme exposes  a wide range of animal welfare issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Moira uncovers inspirational stories and connects with those working to make our world a better place for humans and animals, including community-run animal rescue groups, and everyday issues affecting our local animal communities.

Animal Diaries programme features dramatic rescues, inspirational rehabilitations and heart-warming rehomings, whilst showcasing the heroic efforts of people helping animals and animals helping people. The programme also explores the human-animal bond and the beneficial and dynamic relationship of people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both. Whether you’re interested in animal rescue, veterinary medicine, wild life or just enjoy learning about animals, Animal Diaries is a show for everyone.

Season 6 will be starting in October 2017 airing every week on TVM and includes live-studio debates with the local community, animal lovers, carers, vets and NGOs. The new season presents new challenges for the Animal Diaries team and will include topical discussions on events that are effecting the local animal community including conditions of working and farm animals, animal abuse and animal neglect, animal behaviour and more.

Our mission is to better the life of all animals and we will continue to work very hard to do this on a daily basis. Understanding animals needs and enjoying their calm and happy nature helps us and them lead a healthier lifestyle. We aim to create a kinder, better world for animals, and learn how animals suffer in the food,  animal experimentation, entertainment, clothing and pet-trade industries.

Each of us has the power to save animals from horrific suffering-and best of all, it’s easier than you might think.  Together, we can make a difference. Join us in October for this brand new season and be a part of this movement.