Transport Malta has started accepting applications for the following, in accordance to the Regulations on the Use on the Road of Animals and Animal-drawn Vehicles (S.L.499.66).

·         Licences for animals or animal-drawn vehicles to be used on the road;

·         Licences for driving of animals or animal-drawn vehicles on the road.

Therefore, persons owning one or more animal-drawn vehicles, and/or one or more animals used under saddle are invited to collect and submit the applicable application forms so that they can be licensed for the use of such vehicles and/or animals on the road. Every such application shall be accompanied by:

·         An insurance certificate for each animal-drawn vehicle or animal to be licensed; and

·         A health certificate issued by a veterinarian and an identification document for each animal to be licensed.

Moreover, persons wishing to apply for a licence to drive such animal-drawn vehicles and/or animals on the road are also required to collect and submit the applicable application form.

Transport Malta has prepared guidelines to help applicants through this process– these may be downloaded from HERE. A process flow chart describing the process for the issue of these licences may be downloaded from HERE.

The application forms may be downloaded as follows:

ADV-A1– Application for a Karozzini Operator Licence;

ADV-A2– Application for Licence B or C;

ADV-A3– Application for Licence D;

ADV-A4– Application for Licence E;

ADV-A5– Application for Driving Licences X, Y or Z.

ADV-Z1 – Details of Company or Partnership

ADV-Z3 – Form to Modify Licence

ADV-Z6 – Authorisation to use animal not owned by licence holder

ADV-Z7 – Transfer of Karrozzin Operator Licence.

The Veterinarian Surgeons offering their service for the issue of the General Health Certificates are listed HERE.

More information may be obtained:

·         From Transport Malta’s Customer Care office at Level 1, A3 Towers, Triq l-Arkata, Paola;

·         Through freephone from landline on  80072939; or

·         Through the email address